Join me on my journey as a u23 Mountain Bike Racer Join me on my journey as a u23 Mountain Bike Racer

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Lauf Forks
Surrounded by high-tech composite materials and technology at work and turning them into extremely strong and durable high performance prosthetics, while taking part in bike races in the off hours. This was just the right mix for the Lauf seed to start germinating. Benedikt soon realized that he happened to have the right ingredients for ultra-lightweight bicycle suspension, and consequently the Lauf fork idea was born! The Lauf fork is a revolutionary twist on the well known and proven “leaf spring suspension” concept, combined with today's high performance composite materials.
To learn more go to: www.laufforks.com
Frog Cycles
Frog Cycles is about bicycles and how they connect us to the world. Bicycles are used for work and pleasure, exercise and relaxation. They can be anything from strictly utilitarian to exotic works of art. The bicycle can be easily transformed from one purpose to another and can be endlessly personalized and customized for anyone’s preference.
To learn more go to: www.frogcycles.ca
Sir Sam's ski & bike
23km of riding trails, 6km of hiking/running trails, 14 groomed runs chair lifts, and an easy walk-on, walk-off surface lift… we proudly provide terrain and facilities for riders and hikers of every age and level of ability.
To learn more go to: www.sirsams.com
Awi Coaching
Andrew Watson has been coaching and mentoring younger athletes for years but has been formally coaching private clients and youth teams since 2012. He believes in a holistic approach to coaching always looking for a balance between the science and mechanics of training and the sometimes hectic world we live in. The ideal client for Andrew is anyone with a desire to improve their cycling be it on the road or off, whether it be someones first ride since childhood or looking for the top step of the podium, AWI Coaching can help.
To learn more go to: www.awicoaching.com
Glass Eagle Studios
Glass Eagle Studios located in a beautifully renovated 150 year old schoolhouse between Haliburton and Minden on the corner of County Road #21 at 2801 Blairhampton Road. The landscaped property is abundant with perennials, ponds, herb and veggie gardens. With 35+ years experience, Tom's work is inspired by the nature of the Highlands, where his glass work continues to evolve.
Specializing In Stained Glass
Custom Orders: Residential/Commercial Window and Door Panels Tiffany Lamps Restorations Lessons

To learn more go to: Glass Eagle Studios

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